Reskilling for Employment (R4E)

The Reskilling 4 Employment (R4E) initiative is aiming to help society address the need for reskilling by mobilizing the private sector and collaborating with actors within the ecosystem for employment to enable reskilling at scale across Europe. R4E is a European-wide commitment initiated by the European Round Table for Industry (ERT), a forum bringing together CEOs and Chairs from a cross-section of 60 European industrial and technology companies to help address some of the key challenges Europe is facing. R4E was initiated by the European Roundtable for Industry in May 2021. The R4E pilot is currently active across three countries (Portugal, Spain and Sweden) stimulating partnerships to connect unemployed and at-risk workers with opportunities to acquire new skills and change career path. The R4E initiative ultimately seeks to reskill and secure new employment for up to 5 million people in Europe. In Sweden, the R4E-team has the ambition to enforce the current reskilling ecosystem by leveraging and building on existing initiatives and the Swedish model. The ambition is to reach the employees in most need and as quickly as possible. Launching a pilot in 2022 and initiate a broader roll-out during the upcoming years. More information about R4E and the ongoing initiatives:

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