Epicenter Stockholm is Sweden’s first digital innovation house located in the city center of Stockholm and Silicon Valhalla. Epicenter is a destination for large corporates and fast-growing digital scale- ups looking to learn, inspire, collaborate, grow, and innovate with impact. We bring together corporate teams, growth hackers and technology enthusiasts through a by invitation-only membership that values contribution, authenticity, and a diverse mix. Epicenter offers flexible workspace of all type of needs incl. corporate innovation labs, meeting rooms, event space for up to 200 participants, a gym, and a world class restaurant.

Varför vi medverkar i Digitalidag

With over 300+ member activities and events annually that includes world class thought leader sessions, master classes, hackathons, health programs, after works and parties, Epicenter creates an innovative environment for companies with a digital DNA looking to innovate with impact.

Epicenter originally founded in Sweden in 2015 is expanding fast to leading digital hot spots in Europe.

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Den 15 oktober arrangerades den årliga och nationella temadagen Digitalidag. 250 aktörer medverkade som tillsammans arrangerade 1315 aktiviteter på 200 orter. Vilken kraftsamling! Vi ser redan nu fram emot Digitialidag2022 som sker den 14/10-2022.