Inventing the Societies We Want to Live In – Epicenter Stockholm

14:00 - 15:00

Ola Ahlvarsson looks in the crystal ball and tries to see how technology will transfer society and why it is important to innovate based on values and vision rather than trying to catch up with trends and technology running amok.


Keynote by Ola Ahlvarsson:

Serial entrepreneur, Co-founder of Sime, Epicenter, Starstable, Result and more. Ola Ahlvarsson is a Swedish entrepreneur and athlete based in Stockholm and Miami. He has since the mid 90’s been at the cutting edge of digital entrepreneurship as an entrepreneur, investor, thought leader and advisor. Ola has received numerous recognitions and awards including Wired Magazines top technology thinkers 2015 and Global Leader of Tomorrow at World Economic Forum in Davos. He is the co-founder of 22 companies, including Sime, Epicenter, Result and Starstable. See more at

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