Dialogues on Digital – Collaborating for Societal Transformation

12:45 - 17:00

Welcome to the 2022 Digitalidag Event at the House of Innovation. For the fifth year, the House of Innovation explores our digital future(s) together with our collaborators and partners. The focus of this year’s flagship event is on collaborating for societal transformation.

As digital technologies continue to become more advanced, our increasing maturity in working with these technologies allows us to push new boundaries. We increasingly take on more complex challenges and “wicked” problems, which in turn requires more elaborate partnering in order to garner the combined capabilities, resources and momentum needed to make transformation happen.

Thus, a viable digital future is not only a matter of our individual abilities to use digital tools, but also increasingly about aligning, combining, and leveraging the joint efforts of actors across societal sectors. In many industries, this development becomes visible through emerging ecosystems (such as in transportation and mobility), new global digital resources that can be harnessed to accelerate innovation (such as in life sciences), and in boundary-spanning digital solution that help improve organizational and societal resilience and sustainability (such as in global supply chain management).

In order to accelerate this type of advanced partnering for transformation, we need to find more creative, reliable and effective ways to work together. Welcome to Dialogues on Digital, the 2022 national Digitalidag flagship event at the House of Innovation!

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Vi vill veta vad digitalisering betyder för dig och varför?
House of Innovation, Stockholm School of Economics
Lina Harbom Hedberg