From connectivity to connectedness: building smart, sustainable and prosperous environments through digital innovation

08.30 - 17.00

On 2 of October, rather than looking at the promises of new digital technologies, and from this inferring how to build organizational and societal readiness for the future, we focus on things that are already happening. Borrowing from science fiction writer William Gibson, we adopt the premise that the future has already, partly, arrived.

The prospects of digital innovation for citizens, organizations, and society have over just a few years become more visible and vivid, and more salient and far-reaching. The disruptive consequences, the challenges and the opportunities for societies, organizations and individuals, have also become more articulated.

In our 2020’s conference, a salient theme is that opportunities and challenges related to digital innovation and AI increasingly require thinking broadly, engaging and collaborating across societal sectors, and developing a vision that prioritizes long-term resilience and prosperity for society, firms and other organizations, and citizens. Attention to social and societal aspects, including sustainability, are inherent in this view. We highlight the subtle but fundamental importance of attending to the social aspects of technological change through the theme, from connectivity – what technology provides – to connectedness. Specifically, we explore this in three intertwined themes, where the word “smart” denotes the attention to meaningful and responsible change that we want to highlight: Smart regions, Smart global knowledge networks, and Smart organizations.

At the conference, we will show, discuss, and draw insights from path-breaking initiatives that can help build better living conditions (in rural India as well as in high-tech regions); accelerate innovation, learning, and responsiveness on a global scale (with particular focus on global knowledge networks in healthcare), and build augmented organizations that leverage AI by working, and leading, differently. The conference is organised by SSE’s House of Innovation, in collaboration with The Wallenberg Foundations and [email protected]

This conference will be held online and is by invitation only. If you wish to join, please send an email to [email protected] More information is available on

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Andrea Nilsson

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